Cloud Nodes

Data sharding in the cloud to solve the biggest bottleneck of blockchain applications.

Quantum Encryption

The world’s most advanced and future proof encryption that keeps your data safe.


DLT integration for any software or company that needs Blockchain.

Scalable cloud blockchain

Our partners scalable cloud node network is solving one of the most limiting and long-due issues of the blockchain technology without compromise.

We are closing partnership with the majors blockchain associations as well as building on the existing ones. DLTCode aims to better the global markets bring DLT, a technology that will revolutionize the sector and improve legal security and forensic readiness.

Instant data transfer
Many applications today require multiple exchanges of information.
Scalable blocks
Limitless growth
Smart layer technology
Security, immutability, transparency, robustness and multi-stakeholder participation.

Latest Project:

DLT.Real-Estate, a tool that aims to democratize the real estate market as well as empower owners and brokers giving them new tools to manage, rent, invest as well as more legal security.

ERC 20 standard token

Fully compliant ERC20 token.

Currencies accepted


Total supply


Start date

Nov 1th, 12:00 UTC

End date

May 1th, 12:00 UTC

Hard cap




Will be

Project Focus

Buy/Sell/Rent Market
Service Market
Broker/Investor Market
Legal Security

Project timeline

We are a company with vibrant past and the well thought-out plan to build the bright future.

The idea and concept

August 2016 – the idea of project is born. Level9 is created, webpage is born and plans are set into motion to create a company that will bring DLT and cybersecurity together as well as offer blockchain based solutions out of the box.

MVP launch

June 2018 – minimum viable product is presented. 0Malware is the first universal mobile phone dynamic malware analyzer for forensic use and integrates blockchain successfully for chain of custody preservation.

Closed beta testing

July 2019 –  Private successful beta test done with experienced digital forensic investigators and expert witness. The results compared to the existing solutions were satisfactory detecting 100% of the malware tested as opposed to other commercial solutions that did not reach an overall 50%

Paying clients onboarded

November 2019 – Level9 becomes DLTCode and the platform begins serving first clients for DLTCode’s DLT.0Malware and starts the development of DLT.Real-Estate

Our team

Enthusiasts and professionals working every day to make blockchain industry better.

CEO & Founder

Claudio C.

Cybersecurity professional and forensic expert. Instructor in several Master programs and public speaker. Active member with several expert witness and forensics associations as well as blockchain forums.

Business Developer

 Samantha D.

Helping business and people walk through the New Era #Tech #Innovation #BusinessDevelopment #ExO Consultant #Blockchain

Chief Innovation Officer

Antonio F.

A.F.  provides leadership, vision, and strategic planning for all areas of information systems and technology for DLTCode and DLTx. Has been involved in CyberSecurity, OpenSource and Social Media projects for 20 years. Host of the quarterly event of Information Security in the “business circle” of VIGO and organizer of several congresses of innovation and cybersecurity.

Technical Lead

Mark S.

Mark is very talented professional focused on technical discovery process for potential projects, scoping needs, gathering requirements and producing functional specifications for a solution build, based on regional and global standards.


Eva A.

Eva Alvarez del Manzano, Advisor in Defense and Security / Institutional Relations, External Security, Expatriates. In constant Relationship with Embassies, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and official government bodies. Former Head of the Department of Security, Engineering and Aerospace Systems. Chief of Security – Qualifications and accreditations by the Ministry of the Presidency

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