The increasing number of threats and the speed at which they develop leave researchers always far behind the threats, making their work almost impossible. The same threats apply to all organizations regardless of their size or mission. Analyzing and detecting threats based on signatures or compressor indicators of a computer type PC or smartphone is not enough.

Designed as a universal solution not only for a single device but also for companies and projects of any magnitude, this modular and scalable framework combines Dpi (deep packet inspection), Cloud Computing, Data Mining and Blockchain to offer a complete solution for uncovering, analysis and reporting of previously unknown threats as well as all known even before they occur.

Forensic readiness
DLT based chain of custody.
Modular solution
Seamlessly and on the fly evolution
Smart layer technology
DPI + Machine learning

Ahead of technology

Due to its modular design and mode of operation it also offers the possibility of DLP (data loss prevention) functionalities controlling data leaks from any device in our network, not only limited to PC, notebook or smartphone, but also offering control over printers, thermostats or other IoT devices. connected to our network. In particular, our chronological assessment shows that many unknown malware incidents could have been detected long before their static rules were introduced.

The proposed method extracts more than 1000 behavioral characteristics through different protocols and network layers, and refers to different observation methods (transaction, session, flow and conversation windows). Finally, they are evaluated by several supervised methods to indicate if the traffic on the network is malicious, and to be able to attribute it to known “families” of malware and to discover new threats.

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